New Zealand Photographer


Journey of a Raindrop

The aim of this project is to follow the journey of a raindrop and investigate people’s ties with water.  I have chosen the Waihou River as Blue Spring in the upper Waihou is one of those very special places.  

Like any river, the Waihou passes through many landscapeson it's journey to the ocean.  This of course has an impact on the water quality by the time it enters the Firth of Thames.  As I've travelled down the river, I have met many people from different groups, working together for the good of the Waihou's future.  

"Journey of a Raindrop" will predominantly be about people and their everyday interaction with the Waihou River.  It will be a photographic journey of the relationship people have to water and its power to break down barriers.

An exhibition of photographic prints will be produced and are expected to be displayed in the Parliament Public gallery.



Jacki Key